Before this year, I was never one who was big on wearing a lot of color. Most of my workout attire consisted of black pants and dark shirts. Sometimes the shirt might end up being blue or grey, but nothing bright. Probably because I wasn’t trying to stand out in any way.

But this has all changed this year. It started last fall after I attended a fashion show for running attire. Then it really took off this year with me starting to wear bright colors when I work out.

Last fall at the fashion show, I saw a ton of color in women’s running attire. Blues, purples, oranges, yellows were all represented. All the colors were very bright too. The reason being that at times, runners have to be out before sunrise or out after sunset. To make sure we don’t get injured by stupid drivers, we need to wear bright clothing so we can be seen.

Those clothes didn’t disappoint. And it seems that it has become a trend because even the spring clothing was in bright colors. One of the colors that really caught my eye was neon yellow. I ran in a pair of black shoes that had the neon yellow as highlights. I really loved those shoes. I also ran in some white shoes that had the yellow highlights in them.

Then, I ended up buying a couple of bright yellow shirts. Getting those was big for me. Because wearing a color that bright meant I was going to be standing out. Something I am pretty good at not doing. However, when I go shopping now, I actually start to seek out the colors. Bright ones at that. Maybe it is because I think maybe I will be out running in the pre-dawn hours.  Or maybe I just somehow think those bright colors will look awesome on me. I’ve yet to go bright colors in my “normal” clothes but I have in the workout attire. Who knows, maybe next year I will be brave enough to wear the bright stuff in things that are not meant to be used for working out in.


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