It’s Back

My gym for the past two years has offered a 30-day challenge. Go to the gym for 30 days straight between thanksgiving and Christmas and they will pay for a month of dues, give you $50 to use toward services and five guest passes to use at any location or bring your friends to work out with you.

This year will be the third year of the challenge and it is only 25 days. This because Thanksgiving happens so late this year. It begins on Friday and of course I’m up for this challenge.

After doing it the past two years (which really was one really long workout challenge,) I think this year will be a breeze. It is five days less and I am slowly getting back in my regular routine. Although, it has been switched up a bit with different spin classes. Not to mention, I’m tossing in some new classes or at least going to some I haven’t ventured into much, such as TRX (though that class can be pretty scary!)

Anyway, have a great day of stuffing your face (most Americans eat an average of 4,500 calories –NOT including drinks) Turkey day and enjoy your holiday shopping since that is probably up next for you. I’ll be sure to let you know how the challenge goes this year. I think this year, I will try to make it a point to add new things to my routine to make the challenge more fun as me showing up on a daily basis is old hat at this point.


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