20131110-114904.jpgThat is a question I get asked by some when it comes to my spending so much time at the gym. Why do you go? What is so interesting about it? Can’t you do that stuff at home? How do you have time to be there so much?

Truth of the matter is, I really like it. It is my “happy” place. Working out feels good. Whenever I am feeling like crap or crappy about my life (which is way too often), I just go to the gym and usually within a few minutes of being there, I feel better. Also there are classes that I really enjoy doing and by workout out, I get to challenge my body to do more than it has done before. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I have pushed myself physically.

Feeling angry? Take a boxing class to punch things to work out the aggression. Feeling like you really need to relax but can’t? There is always yoga to help you get to a peaceful state. Just want to feel strong? You can go lift weights and feel like you can conquer the world.

Additionally, I get to see my friends who love to work out as much as I do. Many have become good friends of mine. They are people who I look forward to seeing because we are there for the same goal: working out. In seeing them, I am also motivated to keep doing what I have been doing to reach my goals. I’ve always worked out in some way or tried to. It is just that now it is much easier to do so because my main gym is across the street from where I live.

Not to mention, that when there are people who are motivating to me and are my friends, there is that much more motivation to go. Who knows, maybe I inspire them to show up to classes or to get a workout in.


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