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Random Thoughts: The Winter Edition

img_0422.jpgIt’s been a couple of months since I shared with you the strangeness that runs through my head. And since it is the beginning of a new year, it seems like a good time to share the craziness that is happening now. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but as usual, I have thoughts about a lot of things. Such as . . . Continue reading


Exploring an Obsession

A while back I had a session with my trainer where I ended up telling her the funniest story she has heard from me. As usual, my session of a fantastic workout (thanks Stephanie for that!) also led to a discussion of what had been going on the past week. Since we had last spoken, it has been “interesting” to say the least and when I said it was a crazy week, it seemed odd because it was only Tuesday.

In any event, conversation went from the oddness of cemeteries and burying dead people and my fake Jewish Boyfriend who I wasn’t really dating and he wasn’t dating me because of the whole conversation of converting when dealing with an interfaith relationship. At least we didn’t say we were dating each other. And yes, there was a reason I had the fake Jewish Boyfriend. I don’t go around making up boyfriends just for the hell of it. Especially when that time can be put to use in actually dating a real person. Continue reading

Feel Today? No Thanks

Overplayed Music

just kidding! i’ve never started to despise a song

For a very stupid reason, I have been listening to a lot of Ingrid Michaelson lately. I had gone several months without listening to her because I was busy wearing out other artists. Some of her songs had been staples in my running playlists, but eventually I moved on to other songs that would get me moving at a good pace and keep me going when it would start to get hard.

Anyway, she is one of my favorites and I like her songs because they say a lot of things that I can’t seem to find the words to say. I am sure I need to further explore why I like her music, but for now, I’m sticking with the lyrics thing. Anyway, yesterday her song Be Ok came on and there is a line in it of “I just want to feel today, feel today, feel today. I just want to feel something today.”

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You and I performance.jpg

“and baby how we spoon like no one else. . .”

Last fall, I went to see one of my favorite artists, Ingrid Michaelson, perform a show at Park West in Chicago. I had seen her perform a couple times before and when she was back in town, I was excited to see her. I know a lot of people know her and her music from the Old Navy Commercial dealing with sweaters (her song The Way I Am is used in that commercial and known as The Sweater Song) and from watching Grey’s Anatomy (which should have been killed several years ago.) I know a lot more of her music and while it is great it is played in those settings, she really is a great artist. Plus, I feel like a lot of her songs say things that I feel, but just haven’t quite figured out how to put in words. And now I don’t need to because she already has done that.

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Dress Rehearsal

My bib number and finisher's medal from the rock 'n roll half marathon

The Chicago Marathon is just weeks away and I am starting to panic about it. This is a good thing. It allows me to get my crazy about the race out of the way early and not panic race day and fall flat on my face.

This morning was the Rock ‘N Roll Chicago half marathon. It used to the Chicago Distance classic run by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield. For me, it was a perfect race to throw in to see where I was at in my marathon training as well as re-acquaint myself with gear check, etc. With shorter races, I tend not to use gear check. It just is a hassle for me, particularly when it is a race with a ton of people. For halves and full marathons, I use it. The last time I had to use gear check was when I was in Atlanta in 2007 for the half marathon there in March.

Despite my race today (which I will get to), I am glad I had this “dress rehearsal” to see what marathon race morning was going to potentially be like. I had a plan. I put my plan into action. The plan worked for the most part. Then crap happened.

In days leading up to long races, I try to get enough rest. I know the night before I am going to be anxious and getting a good night’s sleep will pretty much be impossible. This happened this week leading up to the RnR Chicago half. In some ways, not sleeping the night before is good for me because it ensures I will be up and ready to go when the alarm goes off for the beginning of the day.  Continue reading