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Lately, I can honestly say that things are good for me. As I’ll explain in another post, I changed and that change has made me immensely happy. The past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to do some subbing of Spinning® classes at my gym. So far I have done two of them and each time I teach, it is just more and more awesome.

The first time I taught a Spinning® class, it was pretty frightening at first, but then it turned out quite well. To say I enjoy throwing myself to the wolves is probably an understatement. That first class was a very last-minute subbing thing and it was at the club that I’ve heard from many people has a “special” personality when it comes to the Spinning® classes.

My first hiccup in that class began when I couldn’t figure out how to get the fans on full speed. This annoyed one of the members quite dearly, but he managed to get them turned up. That was good since this particular studio tends to get hot really fast. Continue reading

you’re not getting any younger. . .

Around here.jpgIf you’ve read any past posts on here, you know I spend a lot of my time at the gym working out. So it should come as no surprise that last week I was at the gym and had a most interesting conversation.

That conversation involved of all things relationships. Or more importantly, starting them. It all began when I was talking to another member about how he doesn’t show up for a particular class on Thursday mornings with one of his favorite instructors and attending law school.

Eventually this led to guessing how old I am and conversation about how blondes and gingers are not my type, but brunettes are just so good. Oddly, the guy is just the opposite and he can’t stand brunettes, but loves him some blondes and gingers. Continue reading


I did it. I worked out for fifty straight days. Day 50 was actually a weight day and some yoga as well. I am slowly getting used to the fact that it *is ok* to have “easier” days of working out. When I was first doing the 30-day challenge at my gym to get a month of dues paid for, I was in a go-go-go mode. To not work up a serious sweat felt wrong.

But I knew my body needed the occasional break. After the thirty days and subsequent 50-day challenge from Julie, my spin instructor I started to add more days of weights to my workouts. And also the yoga. Sure, I will take the occasional hot yoga class which can be pretty intense. But I am also starting to really appreciate the easier days of just lifting weights.

This experiment has been good for me. It has made me feel guilty if I don’t move. As a side bonus, my clothes are starting to be looser as well. Always a bonus. The best part of the looser clothes is that I haven’t really done anything too drastic to make that happen. I think my body has just decided now is an ok time to do that.

In any event, I am now on a mission to see just how many days I can work out before I feel that enough is enough and I need a break both physically and mentally. I have a had a nice by-product of this experiment in that I am addicted to working out. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this kind of addiction. I’ll be sure to let you know when my streak of working out ends and what caused it. Knock on wood I haven’t gotten sick.

No Excuses to Not Run in the Cold

I hate running on the treadmill. When I do it, it feels like I am not making any progress. And it can be boring. Sure, there are televisions on the gerbilmills at my gym, but it gets tough to use them. Especially if I have to run longer than three miles.

In essence, I love to run outdoors. And the shorter days and colder temps of winter makes this hard to do. That is where one of my favorite stores comes into play.

Last week,  Fleet Feet Chicago held its fourth annual fashion show. Fashion show you may ask? Yes a fashion show. And the clothing featured served the purpose of looking good as well as keeping a person warm during winter weather runs when you don’t happen to live where it only gets as cold as 50 degrees. Continue reading