Something Light and Shallow

I feel a need to post something lighthearted. I was going to post a follow-up to We need to Talk about what happened the next day, but that will have to wait until later this month. After yesterday’s post, it seems only fitting to post something silly for Friday. No need to go into the weekend reading things that are heavy-hearted.

And I spent time wracking my brain trying to come up with something, but nothing really popped. When i try to be funny, it comes across badly. The only times I think I am genuinely funny are when I end up doing ridiculous things or those things happen to me. Continue reading

RIP Orange

This will be a total stream of consciousness, but I just have to tell about grandma. My grandma died early Wednesday morning November 13, 2013. I miss her terribly. She had been sick recently, but only the way that elderly people are sick. I never really thought of her as elderly because she never acted that way. She was just this lady who went about doing her thing. It was always strange to me that she would get a senior citizen discount because she just wasn’t old to me. She didn’t even look like she was anywhere close to being someone 65 years of age or older.

Orange (yes, that is my grandmother’s name) is the reason I love baseball. She was a Cubs fan and just like all the fans before her, never saw them win it all in her lifetime. However, while I saw plenty of Cubs games while growing up, I didn’t become a fan of her favorite team. In fact when I say I saw plenty of games, I mean most of the baseball watching I did as a kid was at her house. And the only things on her television were the Cubs games or her “stories” (i.e., soap operas) and if we were in the house instead of outside, that was the choice of stuff to watch. I’m not so much into daytime soap operas much, but I’m sure if I ever turned one on, it would be the same people I saw as a kid. Continue reading

Messed up Double Standards

Recently, I am across this great article that talks about something that I really have wanted to rant about for a long time. The article does a much better job of saying what I think, but rest assured for many years it is something that has thoroughly bothered me.

Anyway, several years ago I was in an exercise group discussion board and somehow the topic of the HPV vaccine had come up. A lot of the women in the group had severe negative reactions to drug companies (which is a different story entirely) and the vaccine really angered them. Many of them were angry because in addition to thinking that it was just another way for a drug company to make money off people, they were also angry because clinical trials were happening to start making the vaccine available to boys.

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Thigh Gap, Collarbone Pop and Other “Skinny” Indicators

Earlier in the year, Lululemon had a huge recall / problem with their yoga pants. All because they were extremely sheer / see-thorugh. While some in society didn’t see this as a problem, for a lot of people it was.

At the time, the reason for the problem was that the fabric was inferior. Now, a new reason has emerged as the reason for the problem and it has a number of people very angry and irritated with the company. The reason is that some women’s bodies just aren’t made to wear the pants. In other words, if you experience a problem with them being too sheer or they pill, well it is your fault and not the quality of the fabric.

As you can imagine, this has many people up in arms. How dare he say this? Your clothes don’t fit because you have the wrong body type? A lot of people experienced sheerness and pilling in the thigh area because they rub together and thus the problem happens. For some people, they get this and understand it is what happens. For others, it is just not acceptable, especially if it happens within a short time because you would assume that a product that costs as much as a pair of Lululemon pants wouldn’t have this issue.¬† Continue reading

Random Thoughts: The Fall Edition

Since I am trying to write a blog post each day this month, it seemed like a good time to do another one on the various random thoughts that go through my head. Nothing in particular other than just the randomness that occurs when I am working out, running, or getting annoyed at work because there are too many chatty men around causing me to be unable to think.

img_0422.jpgSo without further ado, here are some random thoughts: Continue reading

Halloween Bravery

Apparently, this month is in addition to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it is also National Blog Post Writing Month (NaBloPoMo). This is where you will write a blog post daily for the month of November.

I haven’t actually ever participated in NaNoWriMo, but I do have several books I’ve started on. I do need to get around to finishing them as they might be of interest to someone. In any event, I think I will try my hand at writing for 30 days straight here and my first thoughts are about Halloween. Yes I am off a day, but oh well, I can do 29 posts in November. Continue reading

Women and the Bags

She gets on the train and it is the height of the morning rush hour. She has already hit three people squeezing into the very crowded car. Those she has hit give her dirty looks and others just stare in wonder. What the hell does she need to carry around with her that requires three purses on a daily basis?

Ladies, you need to explain something to me and the rest of the world. WHY do you need to carry multiple purses with you? Is it a fashion stately you’re trying to make by carrying a couple of Coach or LV bags around? It cannot possible be for utility. You may think it is but I, along with the rest of the world, do not believe you. Continue reading

I’m Sorry

Hey Dude,

How’s it going? I’m about to go run a few miles while you’re off to go do whatever you plan to do, but first I think I owe you an explanation and maybe even an apology.

It is really not all that interesting that after going to certain places at generally the same times, you start to see the same people. So it is no surprise that we have run across each other quite often given how often we go to some places. After a while, “normal” people will actually start to talk to those people they see often and maybe even become more than just someone you see, but possibly friends.

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